Epic’s Software Helps Deliver COVID-19 Test Results

Businesses and schools are once again reopening across the country, as many people wonder how this increased interaction will impact the spread of COVID-19. Access to quick and reliable testing sites are imperative, so people who exhibit symptoms or think they may have been exposed to the disease can know whether or not they need to self-isolate.

Epic’s MyChart system is playing a key role in giving patients convenient, fast access to their test results. CVS Health has led efforts to make testing available to as many Americans as possible, and has partnered with Epic to help people get their results within a day or two.

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"CVS Health's test sites will help communities reopen safely and make it convenient for people to get tested," said Epic's lead customer service executive for CVS Health, Wyatt Rose. "The goal in offering convenient, online access to test results is to contribute to people's peace of mind as they go back to work, take part in community events, and reconnect with friends and family."

CVS Health has set up over 1,000 testing sites at their retail pharmacy and Minute Clinic locations in over 30 states. These drive-through testing sites allow patients to get tested by a qualified individual (wearing gloves, a face mask, and plastic face shield) without having to leave the safety of their own vehicle. Through MyChart, patients can view their results online at their own convenience, usually within 48 hours.

Prior to drive-through testing, patients have been able to login to MyChart’s self-triage tool to help them narrow down their symptoms and evaluate the next steps to take. After answering a series of questions pertaining to their symptoms, the software gives patients instructions on their next steps - whether they should self-isolate, schedule an appointment with their provider, or head to the nearest hospital.

Aside from providing peace of mind, MyChart connects the patient’s information to their primary care physicians, so their doctors can reach out and follow up with them as needed. Staying at home and utilizing Epic software instead of heading straight to the doctor can keep patients healthier and also help flatten the overall curve.