Employers Save $1,865 Per Patient Annually With Hello Heart Smartphone Solution

The Validation Institute has granted its highest possible validation and credibility certification of Level 1 to the technology of heart health management company Hello Heart. The Institute was able to verify that employers saved an average of $1,865 each year per participant—or 19% of total medical claims spending— thanks to the company's AI-centric, smartphone-based solution for heart care, which advocates preventative care by encouraging patients to more frequently touch base with their primary care physician.

The solution blends AI with digital coaching and behavioral science to embolden patients in making important lifestyle changes promoting blood pressure reduction. The AI side of the equation means that it can also anticipate potentially serious heart problems before they occur. The program also guides patients to find alternatives to pricey surgeries as well as to avoid unnecessary ER visits or diagnostic imaging, which can also add to financial woes. The per patient-per year savings generated through Hello Heart's solution entail $516 for surgery and inpatient procedures, $304 for ER visits, and $878 for imaging diagnostics.

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Validation Institute CEO and President Benny DiCecca said, “Our population health scientists found that Hello Heart users have lower medical claims than matched non-users, driven by lower use of high-intensity care—such as surgery and emergency room visits—and diagnostic services.” For this independent evaluation, health scientists leveraged data from a control study with medical claims information from self-funded employers in the period of 2017 to 2020.