Element Biosciences Broadens Genomics Access With Aviti Sequencing System

San Diego-based Element Biosciences has unveiled its first DNA sequencing product following a stellar raise of $276 million in venture capital last year. The benchtop-sized Aviti System, which furnishes genomic analyses for cost and performance considerations, will help Element in trying to corner the DNA sequencing market.

The company has established a solid stable of industry partnerships meant to widen its laboratory capabilities, striking deals with Google DeepVariant, Qiagen, Roche, 10x Genomics, and Agilent Technologies, among others. Its February acquisition of Loop Genomics will allow it to leverage both short and long-read functionalities on a unified platform.

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Listing at a price point of $289,000, the Aviti System operates two random-access flow cells permitting independent run start flexibility of each flow cell. Element projects throughput cost of $5 to $7 for each gigabase, with run times ranging from 13 to 48 hours. Preorders are now available; shipments are due to commence in the second quarter of 2022.

In validating the Aviti System as well as testing its use in research and clinical applications, Element enlisted New England Biolabs, Dovetail Genomics, Fabric Genomics, Genoox, Jumpcode Genomics, Sentieon, and Watchmaker Genomics. They also worked to confirm the system’s compatibility with various library prep kits.