Eldermark and EasyShifts Collaborate to Improve Senior Living

Senior care operational technology solutions platform Eldermark Software announced last week that it has entered into a new collaboration with healthcare staffing software company EasyShifts. The joint effort will bring together Eldermark’s data reports with EasyShifts' staffing technology, allowing for a more informed staffing process and easier, more accurate healthcare personnel staffing in senior living.

Founded in 2008, EasyShifts was created by a registered nurse working shifts at three different hospitals. The company’s staffing software was designed as a remedy for the hand-written calendar notes he had come to rely on. EasyShifts’ current technology design allows users to create, use and manage staffing schedules easily with mobile-enabled solutions for filling open shifts, managing overtime and facilitating workforce communication.

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For Eldermark, a collaboration with EasyShifts was the logical answer to the increasing number of requests it had been receiving from senior living provider customers for an integrated staffing solution. Eldermark and EasyShifts representatives first met at a trade show in 2018, sparking talks of a potential collaboration.

The resulting solution is simple. Senior living providers generally staff their communities based on occupancy, often leading to under- or over-staffing. By linking the data reports generated by Eldermark’s software with EasyShifts, EasyShifts can correctly estimate the actual demand for workforce hours and thereby ensure proper staffing levels.

As noted by EasyShifts owner and CEO Michael Christensen, "Eldermark and EasyShifts have a great relationship because we have the same empathy for the healthcare worker. And, our products evolved based on direct feedback from real nurses and administrators. We're excited about now evolving together.”

Eldermark CEO Craig Patnode concurred with Christensen’s sentiments, noting that Eldermark is “thrilled to partner with EasyShifts….EasyShifts shares our belief and understanding that technology and software solutions are essential components in building the future of our healthcare system…the nurse plays a pivotal role in senior care and with EasyShifts and Eldermark working together, we can enable the nurse to focus on the most meaningful and impactful parts of their job, rather than getting caught up in the administrative details of staffing.”