Eko’s Overhauled Digital Stethoscope App Adds AI-Fueled Heart Murmur, Afib Detection

In the ongoing fight against heart disease, the leading cause of U.S. and worldwide deaths, digital stethoscope developer Eko is adding a new early screening option powered by AI.

The app allows for analysis of readings with Eko’s FDA-cleared AI heart murmur and afib algorithms at no extra charge—a notable adjustment from Eko’s previous “Pro'' $50-per-month subscription plan required for algorithm use. An updated version of the app is now available for healthcare providers to install on the mobile device of their choosing. Users seeking to livestream ECG readings as well as heart sounds from their stethoscopes will still, however, need a paid telehealth subscription.

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Clinical studies for Eko’s AI have shown positive results, with one study finding that its heart murmur algorithm reached sensitivity and specificity rates of slightly under 88%. Its afib AI achieved sensitivity and specificity of 99% and 97%, respectively. The company is also in the process of developing new AI for other indicators of heart disease and failure.

Eko’s revamped app leads physicians through a four-point assessment in order to conduct a high-accuracy stethoscope reading analysis with its algorithms, which can also perform a spot check for examining patients for afib and murmurs. Readings, annotations, and analysis reports can then be stored in the app and transmitted to other devices with a few simple taps on the screen.