DuPont Unveils Game-Changing Soft Skin Conductive Tape for Advanced Biosignal Monitoring

DuPont, a leading global company, has announced a groundbreaking innovation in the field of biosignal monitoring with the introduction of their new product, DuPontTM LiveoTM Soft Skin Conductive Tape 1-3150. This silicone-based thermoset adhesive is designed specifically for electrical biosignal sensing and transfer, setting a new standard in the industry.

The LiveoTM Soft Skin Conductive Tape combines the advantages of silicone material with electrical conductivity, resulting in a product that not only ensures stable data quality but also prioritizes patient comfort. This development is especially crucial for chronic biosignal monitoring applications, where extended periods of wear are required.

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One of the key features of this conductive tape is its suitability for use as a skin interface. It possesses excellent skin conformability, eliminates the need for drying, allows for repositioning, and offers soft adherence, ensuring atraumatic removal. This makes it ideal for wearable medical patches intended for seven-day monitoring, although it can also be employed for short-term monitoring with single electrodes.

Jennifer Gemo, the Global Strategic Marketing Leader for LiveoTM Healthcare at DuPont, emphasized the empowering potential of wearable biosignal-monitoring devices for patients to take control of their own care outside of traditional medical settings. She highlighted the demand from device manufacturers for long-wear patches that are not only comfortable but also provide high-quality data to meet the needs of both patients and physicians. The LiveoTM Soft Skin Conductive Tape is expected to be a pivotal advancement in this regard.

Alexis Bobenrieth, a Technical Service and Development/R&D Professional and Medical Device Expert at DuPont Liveo Healthcare, highlighted the fusion of expertise in skin contact and electronics within the realm of smart wearables. This combination led to the creation of a solution that not only meets industry standards for patient comfort but also ensures signal quality. The extensive experience in coating played a vital role in optimizing the production conditions for LiveoTM tape.

DuPont is known for its high-performance, medical-grade materials, including elastomers, adhesives, resins, and thermoplastics, tailored for wearable medical devices. The company is committed to supporting materials research, application development, technology, safety, and regulatory compliance.

The LiveoTM research teams collaborate with manufacturers globally to develop solutions for a wide range of medical applications, enabling the creation of smart devices that facilitate seamless data sharing between patients and healthcare providers, ultimately granting patients greater independence in managing their health.

DuPont is set to showcase the LiveoTM Smart Soft Skin Conductive Tape at the prestigious MEDICA Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, from November 13–16. Attendees can meet the LiveoTM experts at Stand D33 at Hall 12's Wearable Technologies Pavilion.

This innovation is expected to have a profound impact on the development of wearable medical devices, empowering patients and revolutionizing remote patient monitoring.