Drug Discovery Company XtalPi Completes $400 Million Series D

Pharmaceutical technology company XtalPi has recently wrapped up an impressive $400 million series D funding round. It happens to be the company’s second nine-figure investment venture in the span of a year. Last September’s round, which earned $318.8, brings XtalPi’s total valuation up to a staggering $2 billion.

The latest series was led by HOPU Investments and OrbiMed Healthcare Fund Management. The money will give the XtalPi team additional opportunities to lock in with pharmaceutical companies to discover highly-effective molecular compounds and model them for increased transparency in treatment potential. The company’s trademark platform, Intelligent Digital Drug Discovery and Development (ID4), leverages cloud-based data aggregators and analysis technologies and AI to render small-molecule compounds.

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ID4 is equipped with over 100 predictive models that utilize machine learning and natural language processing. These models can scan the platform’s extensive molecule catalogue to determine the potential efficacy for specific facets of conditions and diseases. ID4 then synthesizes said molecules into prospective drug compounds and hands off development to pharmaceutical partners. XtalPi’s side of the process can take merely a few hours.

After the series C round of last fall, the company indicated plans for running lab testing data through its predictive platform in an effort to construct “digital twin” models of possible new drugs. This could give researchers in the biopharma sphere a clearer picture of drug effectiveness before clinical trials commence.