Double Vision: Rods&Cones Teams With Smith+Nephew on Smart Surgery Glasses

Global medtech company Smith+Nephew has entered into a partnership with an organization known for developing remote assistance solutions for medical environments. The team-up with Rods&Cones will enable access to smart surgery glasses and digital remote assistance for millions of customers, effectively giving them the viewpoint of surgeons and other health professionals wearing them in order to offer continuous remote support in all phases of surgical interventions. Pairing seamlessly with the Rods&Cones Remote Expert interface, the MIS Kit puts customers right into the operating room. Smith+Nephew’s multi-year deal with Rods&Cones will help with the scaling of this remote support capability.

First introduced in the U.K. as a means of supporting the NHS as well as other customers, this smart glasses collaboration will do much to mitigate disruption and improve productivity and efficiency. Having a specialist in real-time communication all throughout the many steps of minimally invasive surgeries, which despite the addition of numerous ostensible streamlining features have become increasingly complicated due to incorporation of other technologies, will lead to better and more predictable outcomes. “I am delighted that we have agreed to partner with one of the most innovative companies in the area of remote surgical support,” said Smith+Nephew UKI/Nordics region’s Managing Director Simon Tarry. “This new partnership will enable our team to deliver the highest possible expertise exactly when our customers and patients need it. At the same time, I believe enhancing our ability to support our customers remotely serves patient safety and sustainability to great effect.”

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