Digitized Patient Information Software Leader Formed Through ScanSTAT And DataFile Merger

Earlier this month, ScanSTAT and DataFile announced two would become one with the merging of their respective health record organizations. The newly-combined companies announced earlier this month now represents the largest employee-owned release-of-information company in the nation. While the deal is now formal, they will be integrating their business operations over the coming year.

“DataFile offers an exciting opportunity for ScanSTAT to strengthen and expand its service offerings further into document filing, prior authorization, and more,” explains Matt Rohs, president of ScanSTAT. “The combined companies will bring unparalleled levels of compliance and security while supporting the increasing regulatory challenges faced by hospitals, clinics, patients, and related consumers of health information."

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The tech firms offer health information management (HIM) solutions such as remote filing, release of information, document management, EHR conversion, security risk analysis, and other services. Glenn Andrews, chairman and CEO of ScanSTAT will stay on as chairman but will step aside for a new chief executive. The current president of ScanSTAT Matt Rohs will fill that role of CEO while DataFile’s founder and leader Janine Akers moves over to the chief revenue officer position. The company now employs over 800 employees while serving 50,000 providers across 3,000 locations in the US.

“With this merger, we will be able to draw on decades of experience and expertise, while providing a platform of cutting-edge technology. I’m excited by the opportunities this creates and the position it puts us in, to best support healthcare providers nationwide,” said Janine Akers, founder of DataFile.

Glenn Andrews founded ScanSTAT in 2006. Based in Georgia, the firm focuses primarily on delivering release of information services through its online platform. ScanSTAT's success can be seen through its double-digit growth combined with its high customer retention rate. The firm points to its exemplary record for creating innovative solutions that solve problems the healthcare industry struggles to address.

DataFile Technologies was created in 2005 to help hospitals, healthcare systems, and other providers with their digital information management transformation. In its 15-year history, the firm has navigated the administrative and regulatory changes with ease. DataFile draws upon the best technology that offers to provide a seamless, personalized HIM experience. Their software improves accuracy and increases patient satisfaction while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Even though the transaction is described as a merger, DataFile acquired ScanSTAT for an undisclosed amount. The deal gives access to ScanSTAT’s specialized release-of-information technology platform along with the customer relationships - thus deepening the firm's availability to deliver quality solutions in this niche industry.