Detecting Concussions, Fatigue With Eye-Tracking Software

SyncThink, a leading U.S. neurotechnology company and maker of the eye-tracking analytics software Eye-Sync, has earned a CE Mark certificate for its advanced software helping professional and college sports teams detect concussions and fatigue in its athletes. This designation makes the software a Class I medical device now suitable for commercialization among healthcare providers in the EU and U.K., and opens up the potential for entry into new sports more popular in the regions, such as soccer (football) and rugby.

Eye-Sync’s two main purposes have been somewhat evenly split in its U.S. use. College football programs such as those at the University of Georgia and the University of Texas leverage its eye-tracking evaluation to screen for concussions, while NBA teams including the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors use the data to determine if their players are fatigued to the point of needing medical attention or time off the court. Players wear a convenient VR headset that conducts a range of up to ten tests, each with a duration of roughly a minute.

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“They all assess different aspects of brain function, whether that be attention, working memory, or processing speed,” says Scott Anderson, the Chief Clinical Officer of SyncThink. “Our proprietary algorithms and analytics packages are measuring the distance between where your eye is and where the target is while you're having to interact with it." He believes that bringing the technology to rugby and soccer will be a literal game-changer. Soccer in particular currently relies on antiquated methods for concussion treatment.