DataLink Software Announces Healthcare Technology Solutions Rebranding

Healthcare technology company DataLink Software has announced that it is rebranding its product offerings as well as introducing a new website. The company’s CareBook enterprise platform will now be known as Evoke360, while its EHR management system has been enhanced and rebranded as Evoke EHR. Through these rebranding efforts, DataLink hopes to emphasize its abilities to promote better health using real-time data aimed at aggregation of care in addition to its risk adjustment, financial, social, prevalence, pharmacy and health operations data systems.

In total, the rebranding efforts are aimed at bringing DataLink’s suite of products in line with one another. In addition to the company’s Evoke360 enterprise platform and EHR management system Evoke HER, DataLink is also offering a service aimed at member solutions called myEvoke 360.

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As DataLink CEO Kevin Steele stated, “We are really excited to share our intelligent care, quality, clinical, financial, and risk adjustment platform, Evoke360, which integrates with the most robust point-of-care solution in the market."

The company’s Chief Growth Officer RaeAnn Grossman concurred, noting “our platform, Evoke360, creates a customized, collaborative solution and a communication bridge to ensure the right care is delivered in the right setting at the right time."

These rebranding efforts seek to build upon DataLink’s existing successes in the healthcare data aggregation field. As Steele pointed out when the rebranding efforts were announced, the company currently works with over 1,200 ACOs, MSOs, hospitalists, medical group, in-home providers and health systems to offer value-based performance information. In turn, this allows more than seven million Medicare Advantage members to help understand and navigate their care plans.

Notably, DataLink’s product offerings are aimed at providers at all links in the healthcare chain. Steele notes that “no matter [the] role in healthcare delivery, DataLink assists with quality improvement, risk adjustment, and medical expense reduction.” The company also anticipates the different needs and requirements of different patient types; Grossman points out that the company “understand[s] the different population needs and regulatory demands in Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Commercial.”

Overall, DataLink’s rebranding strategy appears to be aimed at one goal that is in line with everything that the company has done so far: simplifying and making healthcare-related information more transparent.”