CVS Expands Microsoft Partnership To Facilitate Digital Health Improvements

As CVS Health takes additional steps to build its reputation in the healthcare space, it is also making sure to take full advantage of advanced customer experience solutions. Adding to an existing partnership, CVS will collaborate with Microsoft to enhance its omnichannel pharmacy offerings and speed the development of a personalized, data-driven, privacy-compliant health recommendation system.

One move that will definitively upgrade the customer experience is the scaling up of CVS' retail loyalty and personalization programs, which are already provisioned with high-performing machine learning models housed on Microsoft Azure. CVS has grown accustomed to the convenience and cost savings leveraged by the automation of healthcare-related tasks through Azure's text analytics, computer vision, and more.

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Now, the drugstore giant will transition more than 1,500 new and extant business applications over to Azure cloud. Microsoft and its partner are also said to be exploring the implementation of technology solutions like Microsoft HoloLens, Dynamics 365 Guides, and Remote Assist to further bolster experiences for customers, employees, and healthcare associates. Microsoft Azure AI will be extended to bring automation to administrative and predictive processes, as well as mitigate waste. CVS retail employees are also set to have improved access to customer health information via Microsoft Teams and Office products.