CMR Surgical Unveils vLimeLite, Revolutionizing Versius Robot with Advanced Imaging Technology

CMR Surgical has announced a new, cutting-edge imaging technology for its Versius robotic surgery platform with the introduction of vLimeLite. This new add-on integrates near-infrared fluorescent light and the injectable medical dye indocyanine green (ICG) to enhance visualization of blood flow through organs during surgical procedures. This update aims to highlight blood vessels, tissue perfusion, and the body's bile duct anatomy beyond the capabilities of the naked eye. CEO Supratim Bose expressed excitement about meeting surgeons' needs and delivering a best-in-class ICG product that is anticipated to make a substantial difference for patients.

The system will debut at Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals NHS Trust in the U.K. for upper gastrointestinal surgery procedures, with plans for a phased global rollout in the U.K., Ireland, and Hong Kong. The system features video overlays that seamlessly integrate with Versius' 3D vision, offering surgeons the ability to toggle between green, cyan, and grayscale ICG viewing modes. CMR Surgical reported its strongest quarter on record in January 2024, with a 50% growth in its install base and over 17,000 surgeries performed since Versius' launch in 2019. With continuous global expansion, CMR Surgical is poised for further advancements, planning to launch new instrumentation options and digital software for Versius in 2024.

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