ClearDATA’s Software to Track Patient Records in the Cloud

Healthcare public cloud security and compliance company ClearDATA announced last week that it has launched a new multi-cloud software product called ClearDATA Locate aimed at allowing healthcare organizations to create a cohesive and traceable protected health information (PHI) inventory within Kubernetes workloads on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Utilizing ClearDATA’s Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing technology, this new software solution is designed to allow healthcare professionals to observe sensitive data at rest or in transit in any Kubernetes application more easily, leading to improved protection against breaches, better auditing capabilities and significantly lowered potential fines and damages.

This product launches at a time when personal healthcare-related information stored on the cloud is at an all-time high. Medical providers and insurance companies now gather, store and share a wide range of patients’ private data via the cloud, from health records and addresses to social security numbers and payment information. At the same time, privacy, security and compliance guidelines such as GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten make tracking and securing PHI a clear priority for all healthcare providers.

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In light of this—and at a time when the healthcare industry is facing a record number of security breaches—ClearDATA Locate provides healthcare providers with the opportunity to significantly reduce damages and penalties by enabling them to more accurately pinpoint the actual patient records that are compromised in a breach. For healthcare and insurance organizations alike, ClearDATA’s new product can help save both reputation and money by limiting the fines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights.

Announcing the new product, ClearDATA chief technology officer Matt Ferrari outlined the issues that it was developed to address: “We’ve come a long way since healthcare was at odds with the public cloud. However, the ability to track sensitive data as it moves from point A to Z was missing from the narrative and represented a huge vulnerability for healthcare organizations. Now, with ClearDATA Locate, payers, providers and life science orgs can have more insight into their data to trace PHI when leveraging microservices.”