Ciox Launches Digital Patient Clone Project for Research

Ciox, a leader in medical data management, has recently announced the development of the Digital Patient Clone program. Marketed as a research-based health data repository, the program makes available de-identified, real-world data (RWD) patient profiles to client customers who can then, in turn, utilize that information for their own research and development purposes.

“Our mission is to help pharmaceutical organizations execute vital data-driven analyses by rapidly and securely sharing the right health information at the right time,” said Julie Krommenhoek, vice president of life sciences, Ciox. “The digital manifestation of a patient in the U.S. is often created in fragments and dispersed across the health care system. The Digital Patient Clone brings disparate data together and, in doing so, enables researchers to make well-informed clinical decisions using real data.”

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For forty years, Ciox has been offering the healthcare industry innovative techniques for turning clinical data into actionable insights. They specialize in managing health data requests using secure, streamlined systems to reduce financial costs, minimize data backlogs and shore up staffing shortages. Ciox can acquire, release and deliver medical records and individual clinical data anywhere in the United States efficiently and effectively.

With over 60 percent of American hospitals belonging to Ciox’s network, the company is confident they are well-positioned to offer authentic, anonymous medical information from a variety of medical sources. Their ability to pull information from less structured sources – such as physicians’ notes – means they can draw on rich, powerful data that is passed on to those who are working on the treatments for tomorrow’s patients.

“At Ciox, we recognize how important it is to improve the speed and precision with which large pharmaceutical companies can quickly and economically obtain analysis-ready clinical data,” said Florian Quarre, chief digital officer, Ciox. “The ability to digitally access a trusted, centralized source of health information and view the complete patient journey is essential to developing the insights needed to support scientific excellence and life-saving therapies for patients around the world.”

Ciox Health was created out of the 2015 joint merger between Healthport, IOD Inc., Care Communications and ECS. Operating under the banner of Healthport until 2016, they unveiled their new name Ciox Health at the HIMSS16 Conference. “We’ve unveiled a new name and brand because we’re the combination of four best-in-class companies, and we are driving a transformation in the way health information is managed,” said Matthew Bennett, who was CIOX Health CEO in 2016.

The intent of the four-company combination was to create a single-point of access for patient information and mutually benefit from their collective network of member healthcare providers. Healthport, the parent company, was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. They work with three out of five hospitals, 16,000 physician practices, and 100 health plans nation-wide.