Change Healthcare Recruits Tech Veteran For Key Position

Leading software provider Change Healthcare is bringing in top talent to oversee its R&D, information security, and IT efforts, and his name is Steven Martin. Known for being a creative problem solver, he brings a wealth of experience and passion to his work that Change hopes will help them accelerate their transformation of the healthcare system.

Before coming on board as executive vice president, Martin served as acting CEO for GE Digital. He came to that position after GE made waves within the IoT community and spun off its digital unit into an independent company in December 2018. The spin off answered some questions but raised a whole host of new ones that left customers, partners, and other stakeholders uncertain about how to move forward. While the search for a new chief executive was underway, Martin ensured the smooth running of his firm during the transition. Before stepping into that position, Martin worked as GE’s chief digital officer for four years.

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Martin also played a formative role in cultivating Microsoft's Azure business during a 14-year tenure with the company. He served in both the general manager and chief data scientist positions where he oversaw provisioning, global operations, customer acquisition, billing, and analytics. In those roles, he worked closely with those in healthcare leadership to shift their information and systems to a public cloud that adhered to HIPAA and HL7 standards.

As a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran, Martin brings over two decades of experience to his new role with Change Healthcare. In addition to GE and Microsoft, he has worked with pioneering internet search firm Netscape, Netcessity, and Promeo. He also founded his tech consulting company and sold it prior to working for other firms. Martin graduated from the University of Texas with a BS in behavioral science.

"Steven's experience and accomplishments illustrate that he is an innovator, an expert with [a] command of business and technology and the vision to see its potential applications,” said Neil de Crescenzo, president and CEO of Change Healthcare.

“I am thrilled to join Change Healthcare at this critical time in healthcare’s history,” said Martin. “The ability of the Change Healthcare platform to create value, provide innovation, and meet the ever-changing needs of providers, payers, and consumers is more important than ever.”

Change Healthcare was founded in 2005 by Christopher Parks and Robert Hendrick with the mission to streamline healthcare. The firm provides software, analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services to their clients with 1 in 3 patient records coming into contact with one of their solutions. In 2011, the firm was acquired by the Blackstone Group for $3 billion in cash and stocks and raised $1.5 billion when it IPO’d last year.