Cerner Enviza Enhances Data Management For Research, Treatment Development

Healthcare IT services company Cerner has announced the introduction of its new operating unit, Cerner Enviza, which will guide the company's approaches to data management for life sciences research and the development of targeted therapies and treatments. Researchers will be aided by this versatile partner BU in their pursuit of new insights derived from varied data sources and real-world evidence.

Cerner has pointed out that new treatment development can be a painstakingly protracted undertaking, often eating up more than a decade and some $2.5 billion in funds in the tumultuous journey from discovery to development. Enviza is therefore meant to ease the turnaround burden placed on life science researchers, allowing them to "unlock the power of data and a network of research-ready health systems to help get therapies to patients more quickly and at less expense," as the company puts it.

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One specific directive of Enviza is to augment clinical trial participation in order to produce more equitable and useful results. As it stands, less than 3% of patients and physicians partake in trials, and very few patients are provided with the resulting treatments. Cerner hopes to help participants reap the actual benefits of these trials with its new BU. Cerner Enviza's launch marks the first business unit foray conducted during the reign of the company's new Chief Executive Officer, Dr. David Feinberg, who took over that position in early October.