Cedars-Sinai Introduces Xaia: AI-Powered VR Therapy App for Mental Health Support

Cedars-Sinai clinicians have collaborated with AI experts to unveil Xaia, an innovative AI-powered virtual reality (VR) therapy app. Leveraging the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, Xaia aims to provide an immersive and accessible approach to mental health support. The app, developed with the intent to revolutionize mental health accessibility, combines AI and virtual reality to offer users a self-administered therapeutic experience in serene virtual environments.

Xaia allows individuals to engage in deep breathing exercises, meditation, and personalized conversations guided by a friendly AI avatar within a calming VR setting. Dr. Omer Liran, a psychiatrist at Cedars-Sinai and co-founder of Xaia, emphasizes the transformative potential of the app, stating that it represents a significant step toward making quality therapy accessible to all. Supported by extensive research, including a groundbreaking study published in Nature Digital Medicine, Xaia has demonstrated its effectiveness and safety for patient use. While not intended to replace traditional therapy, the app has the potential to reach individuals who face challenges in accessing mental healthcare, contributing to the democratization of mental health support.

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