Casio Circles Back To MedTech With FDA-Approved Dermocamera And Dermoscope

More than 30 years after receiving its most recent FDA clearance for its blood-pressure-reading BP-100 watch, Japanese electronics titan Casio is reentering the medtech game with a new innovation for dermatologists. Its FDA-approved camera and scope system, known as the DZ-D100 Dermocamera and DZ-S50 Dermoscope, is due to become available sometime in March on the company's e-commerce site in the U.S.

Intended for use by providers rather than consumers, the camera is more lightweight and easier to handle than the cumbersome dermatological cameras common to clinics, which usually require the use of numerous lenses or other devices. In addition to collecting routine photos, the Dermocamera can take extremely detailed close-ups by making direct contact with the skin. It also captures polarized, non-polarized, and UV photos, giving physicians a means to study the color and structure of the skin area in question as well as outline its precise margins and position.

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The camera was first rolled out in Japan in 2019, with the Dermoscope launching the following year. The latter features a wide lens with a 40.5-millimeter view capable of capturing larger areas of skin than its counterpart. Casio's D'z Image Viewer software is used in all instances for closer examination of images, which are filtered into predetermined folders via the image management program.