Caption Health Introduces In-Home Cardiac Ultrasound Service

As part of a team-up with in-home medical services provider Portamedic, Inc., early disease detection AI leader Caption Health is introducing a new service for home-based heart wellness assessment and cheaper-than-usual echo with Caption Care. Across the U.S., mobile technicians will now have an AI-powered platform for performing cardiac ultrasounds for patients in the home—or whatever convenient location best suits their needs. At a time when the desire for diagnostic-quality point-of-care ultrasounds for better outcomes as well as early health interventions has reached its zenith, heart condition diagnosis and detection will therefore be an easier and more fluid process with Caption Care, particularly with patients for whom travel may be a barrier to proper treatment.

"We are changing the approach to the world's leading cause of death, especially for the underserved. Better assessing cardiovascular and heart failure risk begins with creating affordable access to basic imaging of the heart," said Caption Health Chief Executive Officer Steve Cashman. “We have partnered with Portamedic and launched Caption Care to bring the most advanced AI-enabled technology into the homes of everyday Americans, to urgently address the soaring risk of heart disease.”

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Heart failure has become the leading diagnosis among hospitalized patients over the age of 65 in the U.S., and its key role in millions of deaths internationally makes it a high priority for early detection. Moreover, warning symptoms such as shortness of breath or general fatigue are often brushed off as the usual indications of the aging process. One study saw that 38% of new heart failure patients had been diagnosed in acute care facilities despite 46% of them having shown possible symptoms half a year before their diagnosis. With early intervention being a savior of countless lives on this front, Caption Care is poised to lend strong support to early heart failure intervention efforts.