Cantel Medical Promotes New President From Within

A global leader in innovative infection prevention products, Cantel Medical recently named Peter Clifford as its new President and Chief Operating Officer. His previous title at the company was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and he will continue to report to George Fotiades, the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Clifford has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and industry, including his previous roles at Cantel, which followed his time as Vice President of Operations, Finance, and Information Technology and IDEX Corporation. He also previously held senior positions at General Electric. A Stanford University Business School graduate, Mr. Clifford also has an MBA from Northern Illinois University.

Mr. Clifford will oversee the overall business operations of the Little Falls, NJ-based organization. He will also continue to implement the company’s updated set of initiatives for 2020, known as Cantel 2.0.

Current CEO George Fotiades seems to have nothing but confidence for the outcome of the promotion: "Over the past sixteen months, Peter has distinguished himself as EVP and COO. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership of our actions to address the impact of the COVID crisis and has been an invaluable partner to me in setting the direction for Cantel 2.0 and its growth programs.

The company serves providers and patients with products that save lives by improving outcomes and enhancing safety. Cantel’s products include dialysis equipment, medical reprocessing equipment, sterility monitoring products for clinics and hospitals, disinfectants, sterilizers, and cleaners, and filtration products. Their water purification systems are utilized by the biotech, pharma, and medical industries as well as beverage and industrial markets, operated through Mar Cor Purification.

Mar Cor also provides pretreatment, filtration, and reverse osmosis systems for hemodialysis patients. Their Crosstex surgical facemasks that offer users a choice between multiple levels of filtration, with their Secure Fit mask providing a 100-times greater reduction in exposure to particulates with its non-gapping technology, which has become particularly relevant in a COVID-19 world. Clifford will continue to drive forward Cantel’s ramped up development and production of PPE to protect healthcare workers on the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus.