Breakthrough Photoacoustic Imaging Watch Monitors Real-Time Hemodynamics

Researchers at the Southern University of Science and Technology in China have developed a pioneering photoacoustic imaging watch capable of high-resolution imaging of blood vessels in the skin. This innovative wearable device offers a non-invasive means to monitor hemodynamic indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, crucial for assessing cardiovascular health. Led by Lei Xi, the research team successfully miniaturized the imaging interface, overcoming previous limitations in developing wearable photoacoustic devices.

Published in the Optica Publishing Group journal Optics Letters, the study details the system comprising a watch with an imaging interface, a handheld computer, and a backpack housing the laser and power supply. Tests with volunteers demonstrated the device's effectiveness in observing blood flow variations during various activities, including walking. With potential applications in preliminary disease diagnosis and long-term monitoring of blood circulation, the compact photoacoustic imaging watch offers promising insights into detecting conditions such as psoriasis, melanoma, and burns. Ongoing efforts aim to enhance the device's compactness and versatility, ensuring stability during movement and expanding its capabilities to include multispectral illumination for comprehensive physiological assessment.

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