Braidio and BlueSemi Collaborate on Tele-Healthcare, Home Healthtech Advancement

Health IT company BlueSemi and workflow tech provider Braidio are teaming up to build out a new preventative home-health and telehealth ecosystem. Targeting positive behavioral change, Braidio will augment its My Health Concierge platform with BlueSemi’s flagship offering, the handheld EYVA device. Without needing a pinprick—or even blood—EYVA can track six vital statistics, including blood glucose.

Braidio’s My Health Concierge platform leverages an innovative series of embedded healthcare workflows, such as triggered events and write-back capabilities to topline EHRs, and it has already received backing from the likes of AT&T, Etisalat, and Arkos Health. The company has introduced a bevy of remote patient monitoring tools to both empower medical professionals with pivotal patient insights and reduce barriers to access for quality care. "Healthcare has been slow to adopt the connectivity that is so prevalent and innovative in other industries," said Braidio Chief Executive Officer Iain Scholnick. "The flow of patient information needs to be completely secure and HIPAA-compliant in order to ensure that doctors can give the best recommendations and provide the best care.

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BlueSemi’s EYVA was developed with a blend of IoT, AI, and sensor fusion technology and fitted with haptic sensors capable of responding to the touch of the user. By replicating their breathing patterns, it can evaluate blood glucose, blood pressure ECG, heart rate, HbA1c, and SpO2 in approximately one minute.