Boston Scientific Expands Spinal Cord Stimulation into Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment

Boston Scientific is extending the use of its spinal cord stimulation (SCS) technology, particularly the Wavewriter system, into the realm of non-surgical back pain (NSBP) treatment. Traditionally used for chronic back pain post-surgery, the expansion is supported by positive one-year data from the Solis randomized control trial. Results indicate that 84% of patients experienced significant pain relief, with sustained improvement in daily activities and a mean disability improvement of 25 points on the Oswestry Disability Index. The move addresses the limitations of traditional interventions for low back pain, positioning Boston Scientific to provide a novel approach for patients who may not respond well to conventional treatments.

This expansion comes amid Boston Scientific's flat sales, reported in the fourth quarter for its pain franchise, with CEO Michael Mahoney expressing optimism for improved performance in 2024. Mahoney highlighted recent launches, including Wavewriter Alpha for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and cited strong real-world data on Fast Therapy, a distinct SCS mechanism. The company's strategic move into NSBP treatment underscores a commitment to addressing the global burden of low back pain and enhancing patient outcomes with innovative solutions.

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