BlackThorn Taps Trailblazer In The Field of Health Technologies

BlackThorn Therapeutics, known for its innovative solutions and personalized approach to a variety of brain disorders, has brought in Monique Levy as chief strategy officer to lead its team. The company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is focused on transforming the way neurobehavioral health issues are treated.

Levy has a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry and a strong understanding of what is required for BlackThorn to meet its goals. As a member of BlackThorn’s executive management team, she will lead the corporate development and digital health departments and oversee business development initiatives for the company’s therapeutic pipeline and computational psychiatry platform.

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Before coming to BlackThorn, Levy was global head of strategy and partnerships for the healthcare company iCarbonX Group and, before that, was the executive vice president of corporate development and US commercial at the patient network PatientsLikeMe. She was also an advisor to multiple pharmaceutical companies and currently serves on the Google Heath Advisory Board. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international health and development from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Levy’s background in corporate and commercial strategy and digital innovation, along with her master’s degree in clinical health psychology from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, makes her an ideal fit for BlackThorn’s targeted therapeutics for people on the autism spectrum as well as those with mood and anxiety disorders. Traditional treatment often involves giving patients different medications and various dosages until the desired outcome is reached. This can take months or sometimes years, and during this time, patients continue to suffer.

With BlackThorn’s more direct approach, using AI and other innovative new technologies such as PathFinder™, a cloud-based computational psychiatry and data platform, and by focusing more on the underlying neurobiology rather than the presence or absence of symptoms, patients can get the right help, with the correct dosages, tailored exactly to their specific needs.

BlackThorn’s goal is to continually increase the development of neurobehavioral therapeutics. The company believes that as chief strategy officer, Levy will use her more than two decades of experience to assist in its mission to bring personalized medical care to millions of people suffering from neurobehavioral disorders.