BioButton Brings Together BioIntelliSense and Medtronic

Two medtech mainstays are putting their heads together on distribution efforts for a new multi-parameter wearable. The BioButton is a continuous monitor capable of tracking as many as 1,440 vital sign measurements, including respiratory rate and skin temperature, each day. With this device, physicians will have an accurate means of detecting tell-tale signs of deterioration in patients. Conversely, it can also afford rapidly improving patients the chance to discontinue treatment or discharge from a hospital as soon as possible, with the latter case being quite a boon for at-capacity clinics.

“In partnership with Medtronic, we are poised to accelerate continuous connected care models that offer a new level of clinical surveillance and workflow efficiencies for hospitals that are challenged in today’s environment of growing workforce shortages and cost of care management,” said BioIntelliSense Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. James Mault. “This advanced remote physiologic monitoring simplifies care delivery to facilitate personalized patient care, clinical workflow automation, and proactive clinical interventions.”

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Medtronic’s patient monitoring segment will now have at its disposal an advanced medical-grade tool that will prove vital in-hospital as well as post-discharge. Company leadership has signaled that care delivery simplification is the name of their game, and what BioIntelliSense has brought to the table will support the advancement of workflow automation, staffing shortage solutions, and take-charge clinical interventions. Medtronic did not make the terms of the partnership public.