Bayer Releases Heart Disease Screening Tool Developed by Long-Time U.K. Partner Huma

London-based healthcare startup Huma and pharma giant Bayer are doubling down on their mutually beneficial business partnership. Having already granted a hefty sum of funding to Huma via its Leaps by Bayer VC initiative to tap into Huma’s sizable digital health technology portfolio, Bayer’s latest step forward with its stalwart British cohort features an impressive diagnostic innovation for a leading cause of death in the world.

The Bayer Aspirin website has been equipped with a brand new heart disease screening tool powered by an algorithm from Huma that helps patients get a grasp on their chance of developing cardiovascular disease within a decade. The screening tool calculates its prognosis through 15 inquiries covering health indicators such as demographics, lifestyle factors, pertinent measurements like resting heart rate, and more.

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With the lofty goal of reaching 100 million people, Bayer and Huma want the tool to be a turning point in the preventative health solutions space that will invoke patients to bring their findings to their healthcare providers. The hope is that patients will be able to essentially kickstart their own preventative care regimens.

“Digital technology is a driver for health equity,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Huma, Dan Vahdat. “Imagine the impact we could make by reaching 100 million people across the U.S. who may be at risk of cardiovascular disease, making them aware of cardiovascular health, helping educate them, and encouraging them to connect with their clinicians.”