Bayer Partners With Ada Health For Personal Wellness Empowerment

Pharma titan Bayer has established a new long-term strategic partnership with AI-driven assessment platform Ada Health to drive improvement in personal health ownership, responsibility, and informed decision-making. Those visiting Bayer websites for Aleve, Midol, Aspirin, and Iberogast, among other medications, will now be able to easily access Ada's intelligent symptom-assessment platform.

Ada Health, based in Berlin, offers an advanced platform that guides users in finding the proper care according to their specific requirements, risk factors, and symptoms. Its cost-free app connects users with an AI chatbot for targeted Q&As that generate data-driven options and recommendations for the healthcare provider search process. Over 11 million people have tapped into Ada Health's services to complete approximately 25 million personal health assessments.

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This team-up is not the first interaction between Bayer and its newfound strategic partner. May 2021 saw Ada Health score a $90 million Series B funding round from Leaps by Bayer, the pharma giant's investment arm, making it clear that Bayer recognizes the inherent value in Ada's stellar platform and its innovative incorporation of AI. Vanessa Lemarié, Ada Health’s Chief Client Officer, said “Ada’s technology is based on a custom-built reasoning engine and a highly comprehensive medical knowledge base, covering thousands of conditions. In fact, in a recent vignettes study testing the eight most popular online symptom assessment apps, Ada was proven to have the most comprehensive condition coverage, providing a condition suggestion 99% of the time, with high medical accuracy and safety of advice.”