Bayer Eases Radiology Workflow Pressure With New AI-Based Platform

Via its burgeoning radiology business, healthcare powerhouse Bayer has released a trio of innovative AI-centric applications for the most pivotal diagnostic screening processes: X-ray, MRI, and CT imaging. Calantic Digital Solutions, the new cloud-hosted platform, gives radiologists tools to help identify as well as quantify disease lesions in medical images. The additional context in prioritizing which patients to treat constitutes a potentially significant boost to their productivity to boot.

CDS functions as a vendor-neutral marketplace where radiology specialists can pick and choose from an ever-growing range of apps, and in another win for their crowded workflow schedules, many of the apps are able to automate routine tasks and measurements. Burn-out in the profession has led to extra staffing crunches, an unfortunate contributor to overall diagnostic error rates. A 2018 study pointed to an average of 40 million imaging-related errors occurring every year across the globe.

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“AI has the potential to transform healthcare, and particularly in medical imaging it can turn the growing amounts of data into value-adding insights to support radiologists and their teams in their decision-making,” said Dr. Ryan Lee, the head of radiology at Einstein Healthcare Network. “It is crucial to drive innovation in this area and broaden access to digital tools that can help address the rising demand for solutions which improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses,” he added.

Body region and procedure are the two main filters through which radiology specialists can find the tools they need. CDS’s currently available apps target neurological and thoracic diseases, and Bayer has signaled that many more disease-specific apps are on the docket to be integrated into the platform.