Baird Medical Receives Class III Certificate for Advanced Ceramic Thyroid Ablation Needle

Baird Medical, a leading medical device company, has obtained a new Class III certificate from China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for its ceramic thyroid ablation needle. This recognition highlights the needle's innovative design, incorporating rare earth ceramic materials to enhance heat resistance, chemical stability, and electrical insulation. The needle's advanced construction allows for uniform energy distribution during microwave ablation treatments, reducing-edge heating effects and increasing mechanical strength by approximately 30%.

The improved material strength not only enhances flexibility and reliability but also minimizes the risk of breakage, crucial for precise surgical procedures. Baird Medical's CEO, Haimei Wu, emphasized the significance of this innovation in microwave ablation technology, highlighting its potential to enhance patient treatment experiences and save lives. Moreover, the ceramic materials utilized in the needle optimize heating efficiency, allowing for more consistent microwave energy penetration and a 20-30% increase in heating efficiency. The recent reclassification of Microwave Ablation Devices to Class III by NMPA further underscores the importance of Baird Medical's advancements in the field of medical devices.

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