AstraZeneca Launches Evinova, A Company Offering Digital Solutions for Clinical Trials

AstraZeneca has unveiled a new standalone company, Evinova, aimed at providing contract research organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies with access to its established digital solutions for conducting clinical trials. With a team of 300 members drawn from AstraZeneca and spanning nine countries, Evinova will offer a "drug development suite" based on proven trial solutions employed across AstraZeneca's disease areas.

The Evinova platform facilitates the execution of both traditional and decentralized or hybrid trials, incorporating data collection from connected medical devices in trial sites or remotely from patients' homes. A "unified trial solution" streamlines virtual visits, enabling activities like medicine delivery to patients, telehealth appointments, and tracking of biological samples. One notable feature is the provision of a single app for patients in clinical trials, available in 80 languages, reducing complexity and enhancing patient engagement.

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Evinova leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to assist companies in designing their trials. This includes features such as automatic costing and the ability to assess the most suitable countries and sites for trial operations. The platform has received the endorsement of major CROs Parexel and Fortrea, which have entered into agreements to offer Evinova's solutions to their own customer bases.

Cristina Duran, CEO of Evinova, emphasized the platform's simplification of the clinical trial process for patients, noting the complexity arising from multiple apps and devices. Despite being a standalone entity, Evinova will operate within the AstraZeneca group, leveraging funding from its parent company. Duran anticipates generating revenue from pharmaceutical customers in the future, with major announcements expected from pharma companies eager to access the solutions.

While some may view AstraZeneca's move as potentially relinquishing a competitive advantage, Duran asserted that aligning with industry-wide solutions is in line with regulators' expectations. She emphasized the collaborative approach across the industry, emphasizing the need for a unified approach rather than individual solutions from each pharmaceutical company.

Evinova's launch represents a strategic move by AstraZeneca to share its trial expertise and established digital solutions with the broader pharmaceutical and CRO community. The platform's capabilities, encompassing digital trial management, patient-centric features, and AI-driven trial design, position it as a valuable resource for streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of clinical trials across the industry.