Allurion Partners with Medtronic to Expand Reach of Weight-Loss Technology

Allurion, a leading weight-loss technology maker, is set to embark on an eventful year as it prepares to go public and collaborates with Medtronic, a global healthcare solutions provider. The partnership aims to expand the availability of Allurion's innovative swallowable gastric balloon and AI-powered Iris healthcare management program across Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

This strategic collaboration will leverage Medtronic's extensive distribution capabilities to reach a broader audience of healthcare providers and patients. With a focus on advancing AI and weight management solutions, Allurion seeks to streamline patient care and enhance treatment outcomes.

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The centerpiece of Allurion's weight-loss program is the swallowable gastric balloon, a non-surgical alternative to other bariatric devices. Patients ingest a capsule containing the deflated balloon, which is then inflated upon reaching the stomach. This process helps fill the stomach, reducing hunger and promoting weight loss. 

The balloon remains in place for approximately four months before naturally deflating and passing through the digestive system. Throughout this period, patients can track their progress and receive guidance through Allurion's connected scale, health-tracking smartwatch, and mobile app.

Allurion's virtual care suite, which incorporates the Iris AI platform, provides healthcare providers with comprehensive tools for monitoring patients undergoing weight-loss regimens. Launched last year, the Iris AI platform employs machine-learning algorithms to predict treatment outcomes for individual patients. 

This platform can be utilized independently, enabling doctors to monitor patients' progress irrespective of whether they are using the Allurion balloon or other weight-loss aids such as surgical, pharmaceutical, or nutritional interventions.

This partnership with Medtronic marks a significant milestone in the company's expansion plans. Medtronic's extensive distribution network and diverse channels will augment Allurion's existing businesses by facilitating broader market access across Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

The collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of the Iris AI platform as a standalone offering, thereby streamlining the management of patients undergoing bariatric surgery and improving treatment outcomes. The alliance between Allurion and Medtronic underscores their commitment to advancing AI and weight management solutions in healthcare.

In the coming weeks, Allurion is set to go public through a merger with Compute Health Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). This deal, valued at $500 million, has noteworthy ties to Medtronic.

Furthermore Medtronic is an investor in Compute Health, and former Medtronic CEO and Chairman Omar Ishrak has also invested in the deal and been appointed co-chairman and lead independent director of the newly public company's board of directors. These connections highlight the synergistic relationship between Allurion and Medtronic and signify the shared vision of driving innovation in the field of weight management.

This strategic alliance not only strengthens Allurion's market presence but also underscores its commitment to revolutionizing weight management through innovative and patient-centric solutions. As Allurion prepares to go public, the partnership with Medtronic further cements its position as a leader in AI and weight-loss technologies, with the potential to reshape the future of bariatric care.