Allscripts Guided Scheduling Uses AI To Streamline Provider Workflows

Allscripts, a global leader in the healthcare IT industry, has announced the launch of Allscripts Guided Scheduling, the latest addition to its Practice Management automation system. This AI-powered application taps into real-time provider, practice, and industry data to streamline provider workdays. Allscripts hopes to revitalize the concept of scheduling optimization at a time when providers are overburdened by patient load and constricted by sluggish IT systems.

Guided Scheduling looks to be an ideal solution to this omnipresent problem plaguing health systems. In addition to its ostensible function as a catch-all timesaver, it is capable of improving resource utilization for providers; cost savings and stress reduction is certainly a winning combo. Moreover, the application is meant to ensure that high-need patients in particular experience fewer impediments in the process of scheduling and receiving care.

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As this functionality will be housed in the existing Allscripts Practice Management scheduling solution, its configuration will be straightforward—and undisruptive to in-place workflows. In the case of The Orthopedic Center in Easton, Maryland, it has even been useful for the frictionless onboarding of new employees. To fully realize and deliver Guided Scheduling, Allscripts enlisted Opargo to embed its renowned optimization engine within the application. Access to the AI functionality will be open to Allscripts Practice Management clients who've upgraded to the 21.0 release.