Allara Elevates PCOS Outlooks With New Diagnostic Test

Pioneering comprehensive care platform Allara has made a major step in its inherent mission to provide a support system for the one in ten women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). The company has launched its hormonal Diagnostic Tool, a test that can discover and assess various metabolic and hormonal markers to enhance clarity for PCOS symptoms. Whether these be physical indicators such as acne and weight gain, or the infamous "invisible" symptoms like anxiety and fatigue, increased transparency of correlation will be a boon for PCOS outlooks—which are often hampered by the disease's tendency to present differently for each individual.

At a $149 early-access rate, patients can undergo an exhaustive hormonal and metabolic diagnostic test. The results are examined and analyzed by an Allara provider during a half-hour video consultation, with the patient ultimately receiving guidance on future treatment plans. Furthermore, patients will be provided educational materials on symptom comprehension, nutritional resources to optimize hormonal balance, and entry into the supportive, connected community of Allara members.

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According to research, women must sit through multiple doctor visits and wait more than three years on average just to receive a PCOS diagnosis. Around half of all women remain undiagnosed, even in the throes of their illness. In addition to whittling down diagnosis time from years to mere days, Allara can help identify other hormonal imbalances and indicate which comorbidities PCOS sufferers are at increased risk of developing, such as vitamin deficiencies, type-2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.