AI Ultrasound Imaging Company Caption Health Becomes GE Healthcare’s Sequel Acquisition

Caption Health, an AI leader designing applications that interpret ultrasound exams operating out of San Mateo, California, is set to become the second acquisition by newly formed offshoot GE Healthcare after its pickup of France-based computed tomography company IMACTIS. Though financial details were not disclosed, the deal will be funded from GE’s deep cash reserves. The pairing could constitute a boon for the ultrasound space, as infusing GE Healthcare’s ultrasound devices with Caption’s AI software has the potential for early disease detection as well as improved diagnostic accuracy.

“Guiding ultrasound users during examinations with the help of AI is of growing importance, especially as we reach a broader set of healthcare professionals,” said Roland Rott, GE HealthCare’s Ultrasound Chief Executive Officer. “This tuck-in acquisition will help expand affordable access to ultrasound imaging to novice users and is aligned with a broader shift to precision care globally.”

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Caption has to date come forward with an echocardiogram program for early detection of heart disease. Its software provided step-by-step instructions for clinicians in the processes of scanning and capturing images, also keeping track of a heartbeat’s ability to pump out blood as well as calculating ejection fraction. The jumping off point for the GE Healthcare buyout will be a large-scale integration of Caption into GE’s point-of-care and handheld business portfolio.