AI Software Olive Helps Gaining National Acclaim

Automation and software company Olive has announced the launch of its new AI software, focused on enhancing the quality of work and impact of healthcare workers. The company has long been trying to establish a way to bridge the gap between knowledge exchange of healthcare professionals, and now, the new platform entitled Olive Helps is open for wide-scale use.

Olive Helps is designed to minimize workflow barriers and help eliminate the disruptions associated with using multiple technology systems to complete tasks. The software helps organize information and provides real-time assistance and information exchange for employees.

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The technology also has an application called the Loop Library, which hosts a collection of health systems and effectively creates an ecosystem of information and additional applications developed by Olive partners, including ASUS, Dignity Health Global Education, and Ribbon Health, among many.

Olive Helps is already producing clear-cut results, taking up to a minute off of calls in health system call centers and producing a 10x more helpful experience for patients and team members across the board. This technology has also amounted to $1.9 million in savings so far for health systems.

This technology was awarded “Best Intelligent Personal Assistant” by AI Breakthrough Awards and will be further implemented nationwide to better AI health system dealings in the U.S.