ACJ’s In-Flight Health Tech Boosted By Philips Collaboration

Health technology giant Philips has inked a partnership deal to provide medical equipment and on-board monitoring for the aircraft of Airbus Corporate Jets. The union brings the most up-to-date technology for in-flight medical needs into ACJ’s fleet.

There are three packages of varying coverage available to ACJ customers. Baseline service includes features to safely manage in-flight emergencies - Flightcare Global provides full, round-the-clock medical support that spans from pre-flight to crew care. New ACJ aircraft purchases will receive complementary three-year coverage under the third-tier, all-inclusive package.

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Philips’ top-notch health technology for flights includes the Tempus IC2 patient monitor. It gives a flight crew a full picture of passengers’ vital signs and allows the data to be accessed by ground support teams. This permits more informed decision making and better collaboration on medical problems between ground and air crews. In-flight treatment for immediate health crises is also simplified by Philips’ intuitive and stress-mitigating HeartStart FRx.

The Philips package also gives ACJ clients access to Osprey Flight Solutions’ aviation alerting system, which affords flight crew greater control of rapid data flows and emergency analysis procedures. With these advanced risk management and health maintenance solutions, Philips is bringing safety to the skies for ACJ.