A New Year In Connected Healthcare: Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft Prove Together Is Better

Notable players in and around the healthcare sector are taking notice of a major new partnership struck up between Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. In what constitutes a significant victory for proponents of connected healthcare, Microsoft will integrate its extensive cloud computing capabilities across the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC) medical ecosystem. This development is one of the first connected healthcare developments to occur in what could be a banner year for the socio-technical model.

In an official statement announcing the collaboration, Johnson & Johnson said it will “collaborate with Microsoft to further enable and expand JJMDC’s secure and compliant digital surgery ecosystem. The Microsoft Cloud will help JJMDC realize its vision of driving innovation that advances skills, improves workflow, and enhances surgical decision making for a better overall customer experience and improved patient and economic outcomes.”

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The company's portfolio of AI, machine learning, imaging, data and analytics, and robotics will fill out an ecosystem linked together via Microsoft Azure. Part of the strategic agreement necessitates the use of Microsoft as JJMDC's dedicated cloud provider for digital surgery solutions. Microsoft will also “help JJMDC build out its digital surgery platform and internet of things (IoT) device connectivity,” said a company representative. Between the Azure platform and a bevy of advanced ERP tools, it's clear that with its new partner Johnson & Johnson has found a suitable connectivity and computing powerhouse to handle its needs.