Startup Alice Revolutionizes Healthcare In Brazil

As the country’s administration faces harsh criticism for the cavalier way in which it responded to COVID-19, Brazil’s healthcare system scrambles to provide its citizens with healthtech that can make a difference.

Alice, a healthtech startup launched last week in Sao Paulo, aims to help users achieve personal health goals through a combination in-app features and office visits. The company hopes this “best of both worlds” approach will help patients take a more active role in their healthcare and establish a trend of proactive rather than reactive care. Rather than waiting until they are ill, patients can upload health stats throughout the year, in hopes of compiling useful data that enables their provider to establish well-informed continuity of care.

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Alice will help patient information be accessible between patients and all healthcare providers within their network, eliminating the need for those seeking healthcare to have to relist their symptoms and questions each time they visit an office. The app will be connected to Electronic Health Records (EHR) integrated into the entire health system.

Physical offices are also available, with a twist – the design-forward locations offer cozy and comfortable clinics architecture to help take the stress out of doctor’s visits. After registering via the app, patients can meet their healthcare team remotely, then onboard at the clinic, dubbed Casa Alice. After establishing a health action plan, patients will have access to their health team no matter where they are.

Alice has been putting down roots for a little over a year, having raised a total of $16 million from investors prior to its launch. It’s first funding came from venture capitalist group Canary, then a Series A round led by Kaszek Ventures, MAYA Capital, with Canary also returning to participate.

The company currently employs 70 people and is expected to hire 100 more. Alice employs physicians, nutritionists, nurses, physical therapists and sports medicine professionals from such prestigious institutions as Albert Einstein, Oswaldo Cruz, and Sirio Libanes, and a team of international consultants from Harvard Medical School. Members will have access to the following hospitals: Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Infantil Sabará, Maternidade Pro Matre, and Fleury laboratories.