WellSky and Google Cloud Partner to Revolutionize Healthcare with AI Integration

On February 1st of this year, WellSky, a leading health and community care technology company, announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration aims to leverage Google Cloud's secure cloud technologies, advanced data analytics tools, machine learning capabilities, and Vertex AI platform. Vertex AI empowers developers and data scientists to create and personalize generative AI applications, elevating the capacity to anticipate client requirements and enhance patient care. WellSky's recent investments in modernizing its IT infrastructure will be accelerated through this collaboration, furthering its goal of delivering intelligent and efficient healthcare solutions.

WellSky, serving over 20,000 client sites including major hospital systems and home health providers, is committed to using AI responsibly. The integration of AI tools will automate repetitive tasks and provide healthcare providers with immediate access to relevant patient information, trends, and anomalies. This automation will enhance efficiency during care transitions and allow caregivers to spend more time with patients. Google Cloud's governance and privacy policies ensure customers retain control over AI use, emphasizing responsible implementation. Both companies are dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes through innovative, ethical, and secure AI solutions, adhering to principles of privacy, fairness, reliability, equity, transparency, and accountability.

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