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Xoran Technologies LLC is the innovator and market leader in compact, specialized medical CT scanners. The company is at the crossroads between innovation and commercialization, and it is passionate about bringing fresh, common sense solutions to patient care. It has committed itself to offering CT imaging that provides a convenient and simple solution for both patients and doctors, and it is devoted to meeting the needs of today’s physicians and aiding them in providing an accurate diagnosis using its low radiation dose scanners.

Xoran Technologies’ product line consists of the MiniCAT™ in-office CT scanner, the xCAT® ENT mobile intraoperative CT scanner, and XoranConnect®, a web-based medical image viewing and archival tool. All of the company’s products were designed to eliminate waste and inefficiency in healthcare. Xoran Technologies was founded in 2001 by two research scientists from the University of Michigan with the goal of developing common sense, innovative technologies that enable physicians to treat their patients more efficiently and effectively.

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Key Products

Xoran’s MiniCAT

Xoran’s MiniCAT is a compact, upright cone beam CT system designed for high-resolution imaging of the sinuses, temporal bones, and skull base.


xCAT IQ is an ultra-compact, mobile CT scanner that provides real-time CT scans of the brain, sinuses, ears, and skull base.


vTRON is the imaging solution for your Veterinary clinic. Designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of a clinic, it rolls easily into place, eliminating the need for additional or prolonged anesthesia.


VetCAT scans take less than a minute and generate high quality 3D x-rays of the pet’s anatomy, allowing diagnosis of disease or injury during the office visit to begin treatment right away.


XoranConnect is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based service designed to compliment Xoran’s suite of CT systems. The service provides online viewing, off-site archival and backup of images, and easy access for both physicians and patients.

Customer Insights

“There is nothing mini about Xoran or the MiniCAT. It is a great company and great machine that provides maximum information and quality and will change how you practice, for the better.” — Henry Fishman, MD, Fishman Allergy and Asthma, Washington, DC


“We found that ENT and Allergy practices were demanding a lower-cost CT solution for their offices. Having diagnostic CT at each and every place a physician sees patients allows for faster diagnosis and increased patient compliance. In response, Xoran created the MiniCAT 2020, a sinus-optimized CBCT that is an affordable solution for our customers and has a larger field of view.” — Misha Rakic, CEO, Xoran Technologies LLC


“The Xoran MiniCAT has fit into our COVID-19 plan by providing same-day, point-of-service care to reduce our patient’s travel and potential exposure.” — Paul Manoukian, MD, MPH, ENT, Sierra Nevada


“The MiniCAT scanner is a life saver. We didn’t expect to use it as much as we do, but now it’s a vital diagnostic tool for each of our ENT surgeons. It pays for itself—a week of use pays for a month.” — Glen J. Mesaros, MD, MMM ENT


“I love the MiniCAT scanner! The images are beautiful. I have worked with the MiniCAT before and it is the best—better than CT’s at the hospital.” — Sanjay Athavale, MD, ENT of Georgia


“Back in 2004, we purchased the very first MiniCAT. That was one of the best decisions we have made! Now we have 4 MiniCATs in our practice. Doctors can almost instantly get a scan to assist in the diagnosis of their patients. They have the ability to call up the scans in the exam room and can show patients a high quality/resolution image of the sinuses or temporal bone and explain what is going on. Having these units definitely has a positive impact on patient care as well as the bottom line.” — Jeffrey Dudley, CEO, Sacramento Ear Nose and Throat


“As a single-physician private practice surgeon, having a MiniCAT at each of the locations where I practice has been an invaluable addition. I’m able to perform the scan on my patients and have the images available immediately—allowing me to see, scan, and diagnose my patients in a single office visit. This quick turn-around means that my patients are more likely to comply with their treatment plan. In this way, my practice has grown, my procedure volume has grown, and my patients get the sinus relief they need more quickly with less hassle.” — Andrea Williams, Owner, MD, ENT & Audiology Associate of the Carolinas


“Before the MiniCAT, it would be 7-10 days before we had results.” — Kristin Myers, MiniCAT Operator Mississippi ENT


“Intraoperative CT provides surgeons with rapid post-insertion feedback which allows detection and correction of suboptimally placed EAs as well as refinement of surgical technique.” — Robert F. Labadie, MD, PHD, Vanderbilt University, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery


“Xoran’s VetCAT is a huge advantage for my practice and patients. I am able to diagnose patients quickly and offer treatment to owners within the same visit. It’s a virtuous cycle of better patient care and client satisfaction.” — Dr. Mike Canfield, Animal Dermatology South, DVM, DACVD


“We are excited to use cutting-edge technology. With VetCAT, I can finally see XRs in three dimensions. It is easy to use and makes me a better Doctor.” — Dr. Munir Kureshi, Cupertino Animal Hospital, DVM


“Although the radiograph hinted at a displaced tooth, with VetCAT I could see the exact location of the displaced canine and the severity of the extensive damage from the cyst that had formed around it.” — Dr. Kris Bannon, Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery Of NM, LLC, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC