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Qventus is the leading provider of AI-based software for care operations automation. Founded in 2012, the company has developed a complete system to automate care operations and is a partner to leading health systems and providers nationwide, including Boston Medical Center, HonorHealth, M Health Fairview, Saint Luke’s Health System, and UAMS Health.

Integrating with EHRs, the Qventus platform uses AI, machine learning, and behavioral science to power best-practice solutions for inpatient, perioperative, emergency department, and command center settings. With Qventus, healthcare organizations have achieved breakthrough performance improvements, including more than 2 surgical cases added per OR per month, 30+ days lead time for identifying OR blocks to release, and 30-50% fewer excess days.

In the last year alone, Qventus’ real-time platform generated more than 15 billion patient-level predictions, enabling health systems to eliminate more than 200 years of excess days and generate over 10x ROI. To further accelerate its market leadership, Qventus recently established a strategic partnership with Premier Inc. In addition to making care operations automation solutions available to more providers, the partnership will enable co-development of new solutions that combine Premier’s expertise and unique data assets with Qventus’ technology platform and expertise in AI and machine learning.

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Key Products

Qventus Platform

Going beyond point solutions and ad hoc process initiatives, the Qventus Platform provides a comprehensive set of technologies for driving continuous operational improvement. It integrates with your existing infrastructure and provides all the technologies required to create a closed-loop system for managing operations.

Qventus For Inpatient Units

The Qventus Inpatient Solution combines AI, automation, and behavioral science with leading operational practices to hardwire early discharge planning. Based on proven best practices, the solution uses machine learning and process automation to drive Highly Effective MDRs. Then, it automates care coordination steps and provides leaders with powerful analytics to drive changes that stick. With Qventus clinical experts helping teams integrate the technology into discharge-focused workflows, health systems can achieve sustained reductions in length of stay and excess days, unlock effective capacity, and reduce frontline burden.

Perioperative Solution

The Qventus Perioperative Solution solves these challenges using modern innovations in automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral science. The Perioperative Solution consists of three integrated modules focused on increasing access, accelerating growth, and delivering actionable insights.

Qventus Command Center

Qventus combines unique expertise in AI, behavioral science, and operations management to help health systems drive greater systemness for patient flow operations. With the Qventus Inpatient Solution focused on hardwiring discharge planning best practices to reduce length of stay within individual facilities, the Command Center Solution extends the benefits of these practices to the system level, allowing health systems to intelligently distribute demand, effectively optimize care progression, and strategically manage post-acute placements.

Qventus Emergency Department

Combine AI and behavioral science with industry-leading best-practice processes to optimize throughput, predict and avoid crowding, and match staffing to demand.

Qventus Covid-19 Incident Command

With hospitals urgently looking to mitigate surge demand, Qventus Covid-19 capacity solutions can be deployed rapidly, in just weeks, to help Incident Command Centers find immediate opportunities to unlock capacity across the system – without adding to frontline burden.

“Despite having fewer ORs open because of staffing challenges, we’ve been able to do more cases in fewer rooms. How is that possible? It’s because Qventus allows us to become more efficient and optimize our ORs.” — Jane Peck, COO & VP Service Lines, Saint Luke’s Hospital Kansas City


“With Qventus, we’re able to increase efficiency and throughput in patient flow, reduce cost and ultimately better meet the needs and wants of patients.” — James Hereford, CEO & President, M Health Fairview


“Qventus is a core part of our transformation across the system. By maximizing our assets and resources, we can operate in a way that puts us above the competition.” — Kim Post, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, HonorHealth


“With this foundation of predictive capabilities in place, we are far ahead today. Already, these capabilities have provided us with a distinct advantage in the market.” — Deborah Gash, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Saint Luke’s Health System