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Meditab is a leading software solutions provider that develops technology to address all aspects of the healthcare industry. The company’s award-winning electronic health records (EHR) platform, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), combines EHR, practice management, billing, mobile apps, and office management into one cohesive system.

The Patel family founded Meditab in 1998 after experiencing first-hand the frustrations of using inadequate software in their family’s pharmacy. IMS was created with providers’ specific needs in mind, and by 2003, the company launched Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS) to extend its reach to pharmacies. Since then, Meditab has become a pioneer in clinic software, servicing more than 41,000 healthcare professionals and more than 10,000 providers. IMS has adapted its system to more than 40 medical specialties, including the AllergyEHR, FertilityEHR, OphthalmologyEHR, and CosmetiSuite brands.

Over the past 20+ years, Meditab’s technology capabilities have expanded to mobile functionality, telemedicine, and a suite of EHR-integrated office management tools called the Electronic Medical Office (EMO). Meditab continually works to achieve innovation, convenience, and efficiency in order to help Providers stay at the forefront of their patient care.


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Key Products

IMS offers complete customization options, giving you the freedom and flexibility to configure the perfect system that fits your practice. From our value-added services to our premade templates and specialty-specific features, we work with you to build your own personalized IMS system.

IMS Care Portal & Patient App

An online and mobile platform where patients can access and manage their health information.

IMS InTouch

An automated messaging service that lets you send out SMS or email reminders to patients on a pre-set schedule.


All your EHR’s essential functions brought into a mobile app.

IMS OnArrival

A self-check-in system for a faster, more streamlined check-in process.

IMS Patient App

The mobile platform where your patients can engage with your practice. Equipped with all the necessary reporting mechanisms, and a team of attestation experts, IMS helps you get paid fast and right. With features designed for QPP and compliance, IMS empowers you to maximize your revenue and not leave a single dollar on the table.

Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

IMS helps you maximize incentive payments to keep your business thriving and your patients healthy.

Key Executive

Paragi Patel, CEO

Paragi Patel began her professional career 6 years ago. Today, he is the CEO of Meditab Software, a leading software solutions company, founded in 1998 has been continuously changing the landscape of healthcare delivery through forward-thinking, innovative collaborations, exceptional service, and best-in-class technology.

Patel graduated from Drake University with an undergraduate degree in pharmaceutical sciences.

Customer Insights

“The Intelligent Medical Software system is user friendly and pretty easy to use. The system is very smooth.” – Dr. Eugene Hiben, Pediatrics of Tampa Bay


“When I think of Intelligent Medical Software, I think ease of use and the ability to streamline my day… It has made the quality of my life better.” – Dr. Ross Osborn, MD. Center for Health & Sports Medicine


“The system is helping me in every sense: Thoroughness, productivity & with my ability to give the patient care I wish regarding quality care. I am so grateful that from now on I will be able to use it.” – Ines Munoz de Laborde, MD. Physician Medical Urgent Care, San Jose


“It is refreshing to have access to an Electronic Health Record and Practice Management software that promotes both an efficient and effective daily workflow.” – Tina Thompson, LCSW, Perspectives Counseling and Consulting, Inc.