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LeanTaaS is a leading Silicon Valley-based health technology company that creates software solutions to transform healthcare operations by combining lean principles and predictive and prescriptive analytics. LeanTaaS’s product suite includes iQueue for Operating Rooms, iQueue for Infusion Centers, and iQueue for Inpatient Beds.

The solutions apply sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning to existing structured and unstructured data to predict and prescribe corrective actions to eliminate operational bottlenecks, allowing hospitals to better manage beds, surgical backlogs, infusion wait times, and limited staff. More than 130 health systems and around 500 hospitals across 42 states rely on iQueue to increase patient access, decrease wait times, reduce healthcare delivery costs, and improve revenue.

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Key Products

iQueue for Operating Rooms

Free up capacity in operating rooms and create a more transparent surgeon-centric process for measuring OR utilization.

iQueue for Infusion Centers

Create optimized scheduling templates that continually maximize patient flow and chair usage.

iQueue for Inpatient Beds

Make optimal inpatient capacity management decisions using a real-time AI powered analytics engine.

“It’s quite miraculous to me that we had this increase in patient volume at a time when we were having…” — Tammy Sayers, Chief of Operations, Texas Oncology


“We’ve seen tremendous success and kept our wait times under 10 minutes while increasing patient volumes by using iQueue for…” — Becky Duchman, Nebraska Medicine, Director Ambulatory Infusion/Treatment Services, Heartland Oncology Clinic & Infusion, Kearney, Nebraska, Cancer Resource Centers


“iQueue helped the schedulers so much that the charge nurses thought the phones were broken!” — Tyler Van Brunt, Assistant Nursing Director, OHSU


“I don’t think I’ve done an overbook so far. This has had a very positive impact on our infusion centers, our staff and our patients.” — Sydney Wasterman, Lead Scheduler, Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute


“Since launching iQueue in June 2020, we have been able to add additional appointment slots equaling increased revenue. Our waiting rooms have only a sprinkling of patients compared to pre-iQueue. We have seen a decrease in drug and infusion wait times. Nurses are now able to care for more patients in the same amount of time without feeling slammed during the historical “rush hour.” They are even able to step away for a midday lunch break which was hard to do prior to iQueue. The icing on the cake are the data reports that are available on a daily basis or on-demand.” — Lisa Rioux, Nurse Manager, Novant Health


“Hospital executives need to have easy access to historical and real-time data to inform a proactive and objective approach to patient throughput. Operational leaders need to havea good understanding of patient demand and organizational bed capacity by level-of-care and specialty service. Frontline clinical teams need tools that provide situational awareness and drive standard work to decrease the cognitive load and chaos they navigate day- to-day. iQueue for Inpatient Beds checks all of these boxes. It has been an instrumental tool to facilitate smooth patient flow and hardwire daily operations across UCHealth.” — Jamie Nordhagen, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Director of Patient Flow and Capacity Management


“It is such a powerful capability since it connects the dots between the data, the insight and sophisticated algorithms to provide actionable guidance to the front line.” — Steve Hess, CIO, UCHealth


“iQueue is a far more scientific way of managing OR capacity and creating access to OR time, accountability for block time, and transparency into operating metrics. The changes to our core processes for release and request, block rightsizing, and transparency into the metrics is exactly what we needed. This is the future of OR capacity management.” — Steve Hess, CIO, UCHealth, Dio Sumagaysay, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Perioperative Services & Multispecialty Procedure Units


“iQueue uses data science and machine learning to create optimized scheduling templates in order to continuously maximize patient flow and chair usage. The results were dramatic” — Jamie Bachman, Former Executive Director, Oncology Services, UC Health