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Intrex is a spin-off tech company of a woman-owned organization providing direct care to seniors for over 46 years, ranging from assistance with the activities of daily living to compassionate end-of-life care. Their mission is to help seniors age safely at home. Their award-winning Rythmos® platform is a comprehensive safety and wellness solution that includes innovative wearables, advanced sensors, access control solutions, and emergency devices.

Key Products

The Rythmos® suite not only enhances senior care staff response times but also offers reassurance to family members. With its advanced features, including fall detection, real-time location tracking, and data-driven insights on activity levels and behavioral changes, our wearables serve as a proactive tool to identify potential issues and the need for an elevated level of care.

Rythmos® wearables include the following:

  • Real-time location information inside of the senior community within 1-3 meter accuracy

  • Protection for seniors at risk of eloping with immediate notifications

  • Automatic, machine learning (ML) based fall detection

  • Ability to unlock apartment from 1-3 feet away

  • Socialization information to see resident engagement levels

  • Duress button/eCall for emergency response

  • Long-lasting batteries

  • Customized wear styles

  • Waterproof devices

The newest and most-powerful Rythmos® wearable device, Kallos, will help take efficiency, safety, and integrated senior care to the next level through features that help senior communities.

Detect Falls Automatically: Intrex’s machine learning (ML) based fall detection uses unobtrusive sensors to monitor for changes in activity, movement, and behavior and send automatic alerts to staff.

Find Residents Anywhere: Their patented location technology provides real-time location information—with an accuracy of 1-3 meters—inside of the senior living community.

Prevent & Detect Elopement: Wander management settings provide added protection for seniors at risk of eloping with immediate notifications, door and window sensors, geofencing settings, and more.

Protect Residents & Caregivers: With improved communication, response times, contact tracing, and access to real-time and historic community data, Kallos can better protect seniors while reducing liability for staff and owners through transparent and accurate data.

Customer Insights

Intrex spans across three countries and encompasses sixteen states. While their typical clientele specializes in Assisted Living and Memory Care, they also serve Independent Living communities within their client base.


So far, Intrex has triaged more than 1 million button pushes, served over 10,000 clients, and gathered over 1 billion data points, all aimed at enhancing resident safety.

Key Executives

  • Ted Tzirimis, CEO

Organizational Insights

Intrex, headquartered at 1896 Preston White Drive in Reston, VA, and with three offices covering the US and Europe, stands out in the senior care tech solutions industry for several reasons.

Their innovative Rythmos® solution was born out of a critical need identified within senior communities. Significant gaps in life safety systems prompted conversations between owners and operators, leading to the development of Rythmos® within the very walls of these communities. This unique origin ensures that their solutions are deeply rooted in addressing real-world operational and strategic challenges faced by senior living environments.

Moreover, Intrex’s commitment to quality and reliability sets them apart. They manufacture their own wearables and components, guaranteeing quality, reliability, and interoperability in their solutions.

Additionally, their 100% battery-operated solution offers a hassle-free upgrade path for existing communities. With no need for cables or wires, communities can swiftly enhance resident safety without disruptive installations.

Furthermore, their integrated approach stands out in the industry. Their wearables and Rythmos® solution seamlessly provide nurse calls, wander management, and access control, all within a single wearable and comprehensive solution.

Beyond product development, Intrex has demonstrated a commitment to data-driven improvements. So far, they have triaged more than 1 million button pushes, served over 10,000 clients, and gathered over 1 billion data points, all aimed at enhancing resident safety.

In essence, Intrex’s unique blend of firsthand caregiving experience, in-house manufacturing, innovative solutions, seamless integration, global presence, and data-driven approach distinguishes them as the partner of choice for communities seeking to elevate the measuring, monitoring, and delivery of care for seniors.


Privately owned

Key Milestones

  • Foundation and Inception: Intrex was founded with the mission of revolutionizing senior care technology, drawing from over 40 years of caregiving experience from its woman-owned parent company.

  • Commercialization of Rythmos® (2019): Rythmos®, Intrex’s flagship solution, was successfully commercialized in 2019, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. This innovative solution, developed within the walls of senior living communities, aimed to enhance resident safety and transform the senior care industry.

  • Expansion and Global Presence: With offices covering the US and Europe, Intrex solidified its global presence, enabling it to serve a wider clientele base.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities: Intrex invested in manufacturing its own wearables and components, ensuring top-notch quality, reliability, and interoperability in its solutions.

  • Data-Driven Improvements: Intrex leveraged data analytics to enhance its solutions, triaging over 1 million button pushes, serving over 10,000 clients, and gathering over 1 billion data points, all aimed at improving resident safety.

  • Integrated Solutions: Intrex developed integrated solutions that seamlessly provide nurse calls, wander management, and access control in a single wearable, setting a new standard for comprehensive senior care technology.

  • Recognition and Patented Technology: Intrex gained recognition from industry-leading organizations like McKnights and received a patented location awareness technology in 2023, affirming its position as a leader in innovation within the senior care tech solutions industry.

  • Intrex, Inc. integrates its Rythmos® safety and wellness solution with Amazon’s Alexa Smart Properties (March 2024), enhancing senior care technology by leveraging Alexa’s voice AI for residents, families, operators, and caregivers.

  • Launch of Kallos Wearable (2024): Intrex is set to introduce its newest and most powerful wearable, Kallos, this month (May 2024), representing a significant advancement in senior care technology to further improve resident safety and well-being.

News and Press Releases

  • Mar 2024: Rythmos® Comprehensive Safety and Wellness Solution for Senior Communities Integrates with Alexa Smart Properties (Read).

  • Mar 2024: Rythmos® Comprehensive Safety and Wellness Solution for Senior Communities Integrates with Alexa Smart Properties (Read).

  • Feb 2022: Wireless Tech Helps Keep Seniors in Assisted Living Safe (Read).

  • Advanced unobtrusive technology enables our loved ones to age safely and with dignity (Read).

To view their full press release, click here.

Corporate Responsibility

At Intrex, they embrace corporate responsibility as a fundamental aspect of their business ethos. They are committed to operating ethically, sustainably, and with a profound consideration for the impact of their actions on society and the environment. Upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency, they prioritize ethical business practices in all aspects of their operations. They are dedicated to minimizing their environmental footprint through initiatives such as reducing waste, conserving resources, and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Additionally, they actively engage with their stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, and the communities they serve, to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are addressed. Through philanthropic efforts, community partnerships, and social impact initiatives, they strive to make a positive difference in the lives of seniors and the broader community. At Intrex, corporate responsibility is not just a commitment; it’s an integral part of who they are and how they conduct business.