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Integra LifeSciences is a global leader in neurosurgery and regenerative medicine. The company offers a broad portfolio of products and solutions for dural access and repair, cerebral spinal fluid management, and neuro-critical care. Its regenerative tissue technologies include products that address soft tissue, nerve, and tendon repairs and for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, burns, as well as for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Founded in 1989 by Richard E. Caruso, the company is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. Today, Integra LifeSciences has grown immensely, with more than 3,000 employees worldwide as well as offices, manufacturing, and research facilities in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Integra products are ubiquitous in many hospital intensive care units and operating rooms around the world. And some of its leading brands include AmnioExcel®, Bactiseal®, CerebroFlo®, Certas® Plus, Codman®, CUSA®, DuraGen®, and DuraSeal®. In March, the company launched its newest product: NeuraGen® 3D Nerve Guide Matrix , a resorbable implant for the repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities.


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Key Products


AmnioExcel® is a dehydrated human amnion-derived tissue allograft with intact extracellular matrix that provides structural tissue to advance soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction.


The CODMAN® BACTISEAL® EVD Catheter (BACTISEAL EVD Catheter), is indicated for gaining access to the ventricles of the brain and can be used with other Codman devices for draining cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and other fluids of similar physical characterisitics as a means of reducing intra-cranial volume and pressure.


The CerebroFlo EVD Codman’s Catheter is the first and only External Ventricular Drainage catheter with Endexo® Technology, a permanent additive that functionalizes all surfaces, including cut perforations, that greatly reduces fibrinogen and platelet activation and adhesion, resulting in less thrombus formation.


CereLink System provides uncompromised advanced continuous ICP monitoring with minimal drift, MR conditional capability, durable, flexible ICP sensors, and advanced data presentation features.

Certas® Plus

CERTAS™ Plus Programmable Valve is designed to minimize unintended setting changes from magnetic interference, protecting the valve from unintended setting changes due to everyday magnets and 3T MRI machines.


Integra LifeSciences and Johnson & Johnson entered into an agreement earlier this year for the sale of the Codman Neurosurgery business to Integra. The combination of Integra and Codman Neuro will create a global leader in neurosurgery.


The CUSA® NXT Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator System facilitates the removal of tissue. The system provides selective tissue disintegration with simultaneous irrigation and aspiration.


Cytal Wound Matrix is a medical device manufactured using proprietary MatriStem (Urinary Bladder Matrix) technology. The device maintains an intact epithelial basement membrane and facilitates the body’s ability to remodel site-appropriate tissue. The devices are available in multiple layering configurations and are pre-fenestrated to support effective fluid management and wound drainage. Cytal devices are appropriate for acute wounds and chronic wounds.


DuraGen is the most studied and proven collagen-based dural graft for the repair of dura mater. DuraGen is made from a controlled collagen source and is treated with a proprietary process designed to. remove antigenic components, yielding our Ultra Pure Collagen™.


The hydrogel technology of the DuraSeal ® Family of products offers sealing solutions to reinforce CSF leakage prevention during dural repair procedures.


Gentrix Surgical Matrix products are medical devices engineered using Integra’s proprietary MatriStem UBM (Urinary Bladder Matrix) technology and are intended to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists. The device maintains an intact epithelial basement membrane and facilitates the body’s ability to remodel site-appropriate tissue. Gentrix Surgical Matrix Hiatal is intended for hiatal hernia reinforcement, featuring a pre-cut shape with smooth, rounded edges. It is designed to be easily handled and secured in laparoscopic surgery.


The MAYFIELD Infinity Skull Clamps System is designed to provide multifunctional options for cranial stabilization and fixation.


MediHoney® dressings, containing Active Leptospermum (Manuka) Honey (ALH), address many factors that delay healing, helps to promote a moist wound environment that aids and supports autolytic debridement.


The MicroFrance® brand is a premier line of ENT instruments known for exceptional quality, precision, and durability. MicroFrance engineers collaborate with renowned ENT surgeons, innovating to develop new instruments and surgical techniques

that improve patients’ lives. With a true understanding of your expectations, many years of experience, and a dedication to fine craftsmanship, MicroFrance technicians transform the functional into the exceptional.


MicroMatrix® offers a wound management solution for irregular, tunneled, or undermined wounds. Applied as either a powder or paste, the particulate solution provides intimate contact with all areas of the wound bed.


The NeuraGen Nerve Guide is a resorbable implant for the repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities. NeuraGen Nerve Guide provides a protective environment for peripheral nerve repair after injury. It is designed to be an interface between the nerve and surrounding tissue and to create a conduit for axonal growth across a nerve gap. The semi-permeable type 1 collagen membrane allows for controlled resorption, appropriate nutrient diffusion and retention of representative Nerve Growth Factor.

NeuraGen® 3D

NeuraGen 3D is a nerve repair product specifically engineered to create an optimized environment for mid-gap nerve regeneration. Made of Integra’s trusted collagen, NeuraGen 3D combines a supportive outer structure with a proprietary Chondroitin-6 Sulfate-infused inner matrix that has demonstrated preclinically to help guide Schwann cell in growth and axonal regeneration, delivering an optimized environment that may allow for more complete functional recovery.


PriMatrix® is a unique dermal repair scaffold for the management of the most challenging wounds. The device is supplied sterile in a variety of sizes to be trimmed by the surgeon to meet the individual patient’s needs.


SurgiMend® is a unique acellular collagen matrix derived from fetal and neonatal bovine dermis. SurgiMend offers clear advantages over synthetic and other biologic products for soft tissue repair and reconstruction.


The ease of the market leading TCC-EZ® makes its use practical in clinical settings. TCC-EZ offers a one-piece, roll-on, light weight, woven design that is faster and easier than traditional systems. The ease of application can lead to fewer complications.


For more than 50 years, Codman ® has innovated in the field of electrosurgery. Our broad line of disposable and reusable bipolar forceps are available to accommodate your various neurosurgical procedures.

Customer Insights

“It’s like Integra created a garden for my cells and my hair and it could have been otherwise a desert. And I’m forever grateful.” – Kelly Rader-Murphy


“Integra gives you a great foundation to start grafting on top of that.” – Dr. Juvonda Hodge, assistant medical director at Emory University’s Grady Memorial Hospital Burn Center


“My life has improved a whole lot, I can now wear two shoes to work, go to the grocery store, travel, and do things for myself. This is the life I want to have.” – Sallie Wilson, diagnosed with diabetes