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Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Hologic and its team of more than 6,700 have created an innovative medical technology company whose purpose is to enable healthier lives everywhere, every day. While Hologic discovers and develops groundbreaking products and services that benefit everyone, they are especially passionate about those that advance women’s health and well-being, allowing the company to prosper and grow while empowering women to experience healthier lives.

None of this would be possible without the talent, skills, and aspirations of Hologic’s employees. Since its founding in 1985, the company has expanded to more than 100 countries and territories and holds more than 3,000 patents. Its employees’ expertise and dedication to developing and sharing more robust, science-based certainty drives Hologic’s increasingly global presence, as well as a pipeline that responds to the unmet health and wellness needs of women, families, and communities.

Hologic’s growth across breast and skeletal health, diagnostic solutions, and GYN surgical solutions is driven by the exceptional and clinically proven ability of its products to detect, diagnose, and treat illnesses and other health conditions earlier and better. This clinical superiority creates high expectations, which the team at Hologic fulfills by always challenging itself to improve health through better technology, education, and market access. The company’s goal is to minimize doubt and maximize the confidence its customers and their patients have in their decisions and diagnoses. By focusing on women’s health while still delivering health benefits to everyone, Hologic is setting a new standard of excellence that is strengthened by purpose, driven by passion, and brought to life by its promise of more certain early detection and better health outcomes.

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Key Products

Breast Health

Hologic is transforming breast care. They apply cutting-edge science to accelerate discovery, improve efficiency and continually sharpen precision.

Gynecological Health

Hologic’s minimally invasive treatment options use science and technology to restore the quality of life for women facing gynecological conditions.

Sexual Health

Holigic’s diverse sexual health testing menu allows lab personnel to deliver results to healthcare providers with confidence, empowering informed choices when it comes to patient care.

Body Composition

The Horizon® DXA system provides detailed measurements of the body by looking at bone density, lean mass, and fat mass. This information is critical for accurately assessing the state of a patient health and defining successful treatment plans and training programs.

Skeletal Health

With osteoporosis causing more than 8.9 million fractures annually, early detection is key to keeping patients safe. Hologic’s clinical images enable doctors to see more so they can make more informed diagnoses and treatment decisions in time to have a positive impact on every patient’s health and well-being.

Customer Insights

“As soon as I started using Fluoroscan, my schedule became substantially more manageable. I was able to see patients within predictable appointment slots and give them better care. My patients within predictable appointment slots and give them better care. My patients continue to marvel at the convenience and the technological aspects of the Fluoroscan. From a technical standpoint, the Flouroscan allows me to obtain the images I need every time. Special views no longer require lengthy descriptions to technologists to obtain, and I can alter the direction, magnification and intensity of the image at wil. It allows me to make more accurate diagnoses than with plain radiographs. The same is true for use in the operating room. I can’t imagine practicing hand surgery without one.” – Kyle D. Bickel, MD, FACS, The Hand Center of San Francisco


“Since 1989, I have always had a Fluoroscan system in my office. Having lost my powers of X-ray vision somewhere along the way, Fluoroscan makes me a better doctor and helps me provide better care for my patients. It is also a great way to communicate when there is a bone or joint problem, when we are decision-making for fractures or arthritis.” – Edward Diao, MD, Professor Emeritus of Orthopedic Surgery and Neurosurgery University of California, San Francisco


“We have purchased four Fluoroscans over the last 16 years and have been extraordinarily happy with these fantastic systems. It saves time with patients. Prior to Fluoroscan we would have to send the patient to the radiology dept for an X-ray, and they would eventually come back with films, which were often not the exact position we would need for small chip fractures around joints.” – Gregory Buncke, MD, The Buncke Clinic


“Specimens obtained with a vaginal swab are the preferred specimen type. Vaginal swab specimens are as sensitive as cervical swab specimens and there is no difference in specificity.1” – CDC


“The pneumatic firing capability of the Eviva device represents a major advance over conventional biopsy systems. The decrease in the sound of the firing mechanism has a major impact on patients’ perception of the procedure reducing their overall anxiety and perception of pain” – Dr Stuart Kaplan, Mount Sinai Medical Center,Miami, FL Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami, FL


“Set-up time is faster, 5 minutes on average. The design of the system gives you a nice visual to follow for steps needed, frees up the tech once the radiologist starts to sample, and allows us to turn the room over faster. I have seen a real commitment on Hologic’s part to improving the overall experience for patients having breast biopsies as well as improving efficiancy for the radiologist and technologists. Patients routinely say,”It was much better than I thought it would be.’” – Susan Zignego, Lead Mammography Technologist, Advocate Aurora Grafton Medical Center, Grafton, WI