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Helix is the leading population genomics and viral surveillance company. Helix enables health systems, public health organizations, and life sciences companies to accelerate the integration of genomic data into patient care and public health decision making.

Powered by one of the world’s largest CLIA/CAP next-generation sequencing labs and the first and only FDA authorized whole exome sequencing platform, Helix supports all aspects of population genomics including recruitment and engagement, clinically actionable disease screening, return of results, and basic and translational research. In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, Helix launched a sensitive and scalable end-to-end COVID-19 test and viral surveillance system to meet the needs of health systems, employers, governments, and other organizations across the country.

Helix is a private company and was founded in 2015. It is headquartered in San Mateo, California with offices in San Diego and New York. Investors include Warburg Pincus, DFJ Growth, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Mayo Clinic, and Temasek.

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Key Products

Query OftenTM

Driven by the Sequence Once, Query OftenTM model, population genomics with Helix allows health systems to uncover genetic risk more efficiently and utilize genetic insights at the point-of-care. Leading health systems have seen these programs improve care, address health inequities and engage patients & providers, all while reducing costs.

Helix® COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard

Helix’s COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard was created to provide broad public awareness of the emergence and prevalence of novel SARS-CoV-2 variants circulating within the United States. This is one of many efforts that Helix is involved in with the CDC, local public health agencies, and other organizations to better understand and contain the COVID-19 virus, as well as, future pathogens.


Helix provides a comprehensive platform of solutions that can be used to turn our proprietary clinico-genomic database of Exome+ sequencing data and deep phenotypic data on recontactable individuals into actionable insights for your organization. These solutions also leverage our extensive network of health system partnerships to accelerate efforts across the drug development process from discovery, all the way to commercialization.

Customer Insights

“With Helix, we get clinical-grade genomic data and a turnkey platform to enable clinical and research insights, giving us the flexibility to build the initiative that is right for our patients, providers, and researchers. They are fantastic partners in an ambitious population health study.” — Joseph Grzymski, Ph.D. Principal Investigator, Healthy Nevada Project, Chief Scientific Officer, Renown Health


“Omicron’s rapid spread continues to highlight the need for durable pathogen surveillance capabilities that will allow local communities to prepare for and prevent pandemic outbreaks.” — Dr. Rick Bright, Senior Vice President of Pandemic Prevention and Response at The Rockefeller Foundation and CEO of the Pandemic Prevention Institute


“The analysis of these large datasets in collaboration with Renown could help identify genetic variants that impact the risk of developing NASH and thereby advance the discovery and development of new treatments for this disease.” — John McHutchison, AO, MD, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Research and Development, Gilead Sciences