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Today’s hospitals, health systems, long-term care organizations, and medical groups all face serious challenges posed by the turbulent labor environment. Simply intelligent, end-to-end technology from Hallmark Health Care Solutions (HHCS) solves these challenges by providing data-driven insights and modernized technology for sustainability in workforce, compensation, and contract management. The company’s Einstein II platform enables healthcare organizations to take direct control of their labor supply. Einstein II empowers them to recruit more effectively, fill openings more expeditiously, and ensure staffing goals are achieved less expensively. The result is heightened efficiency, productivity, and resource utilization that ultimately leads to increased patient volume and revenue.

HHCS’ Heisenberg II platform helps healthcare organizations better retain top physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) by reducing errors and enhancing efficiency, communication, and transparency in provider compensation and contracting. The platform streamlines processes and uses AI-driven automation to accurately calculate and adjudicate provider compensation in accordance with contract terms and value-based performance measures.

In the past decade, HHCS has collectively delivered more than $250 million in cost savings and revenue gains and calculated $5 billion in physician compensation. As No. 318 on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S., HHCS currently serves more than 100,000 healthcare professionals at more than 4,000 healthcare facilities in all fifty states. The firm continues to innovate with the expansion of its existing platforms as well as entry into new markets in which intelligent workforce management solutions are needed.

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Key Products

Einstein II

Einstein II is a simply intelligent suite of software solutions for healthcare labor management – cloud-based SaaS solutions that think for themselves according to rules you define. With predictive intelligence, real-time dashboards, and the ability to help you minimize overtime, incentive shifts, and expensive agency staffing, hospitals and health systems use Einstein II to increase workforce productivity, lower premium labor costs, and gain efficiencies across the organization.

Einstein II Vendor Managed Solution & Support

Einstein II Vendor Managed Solution & Support combines intelligent technology with expert support. The vendor-neutral platform streamlines the daily tasks of contract labor sourcing and management, connecting to your choice of 430+ recruitment staffing firms within a single portal. This comprehensive solution includes support for credentialing, timekeeping, and invoicing, further optimizing efficiency by lifting administrative burdens for HR and finance teams. Complete with advanced reporting and analytics, Einstein II VMSS improves transparency and visibility into the workforce and guarantees labor cost savings.

Einstein II IRP

Build and deploy internal resource float pools with a smart platform that automates communication, scheduling, and deployment for all internal resources that float throughout one location or across an entire system. Einstein II IRP creates a secondary “layer” of labor support that fits between core staff and contract labor to give health systems an improved ability to flex staffing up or down at will, maximizing productivity while reducing unnecessary manual labor and other premium labor costs. Einstein II IRP enables organizations to predictively identify staffing challenges, to minimize the requirement for outside resources, and to ensure the system is never blindsided by a last-minute staffing need.

Heisenberg II Physician Compensation Solution

Heisenberg II is an intelligent, cloud-based provider compensation management solution that allows health systems, medical groups, locums, and physician groups to develop, manage, and evaluate their physician compensation plans more efficiently. Heisenberg II minimizes the manual processes of administrating and measuring the performance of physician compensation plans by automating the calculation, adjudication, monitoring of regulatory compliance, and provision of real-time feedback to physicians on their individual performance under the compensation methodology.

Heisenberg II Contract Management

Heisenberg II Contract Management is the feature-rich solution that today’s Healthcare market craves. As a “one stop shop”, H II CM immediately eliminates the gap between contract management and provider compensation calculation, increasing organizational productivity and efficiency for all hospitals and medical groups that leverage its power. This automation delivers a full contract template library, custom contract creation, auto contract generation based on provider negotiations and full control of the entire approval process with detailed workflows and notifications. This solution supports all contract types and employee designations. With H II CM organizations have the next level in contract management, easily automating enterprise wide agreements and centralizing these mission critical applications seamlessly.