Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)
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Louisville, Colorado

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  • Top HealthTech Company of 2022


Founded in 2000 in Louisville, Colorado, GHX is a software-as-a-service company that is reducing the cost of doing business in healthcare by automating supply chain processes and improving visibility into the products used in patient care. The GHX Global Network, the world’s largest community of healthcare trading partners, connects supply chain, finance, and clinical professionals with their suppliers, and the cloud-based technology makes it easier for customers to drive costs out of the healthcare supply chain. Since 2010, GHX has saved the healthcare industry more than $5 billion. Today, the company is expanding its solutions to further enhance data management and allow integration of clinical and business systems.

The focus of GHX is on the healthcare supply chain, through which hospitals and their suppliers buy and deliver the thousands of medical-surgical supplies that clinicians need to effectively care for patients. At the heart of GHX is the GHX Exchange, a platform that connects healthcare providers and suppliers so they can work together electronically. This helps lower costs and simplifies supply chain management by eliminating error-prone, manual order processes. GHX is known for operating the largest healthcare trading network in the U.S., representing more than 80% of licensed beds in the country, with more than 85% of med-surg products flowing through the platform.


Key Products

GHX Exchange Enterprise

GHX Exchange Enterprise modernizes the healthcare supply chain through increased standardization and automation. Traditionally, providers have managed the order cycle and their growing teams manually, which can increase error rates and impact performance. GHX Exchange Enterprise digitizes the entire cycle for more efficient processes, more connected supply chain data and better performance insights.

GHX Lumere

GHX Lumere enables a modernized, sophisticated product review that engages physicians, standardizes value analysis processes and helps ensure that product approvals are limited to only those products that have demonstrated improved clinical value.

GHX ePay

In light of the uncertainty in the healthcare landscape, it’s no longer sufficient to focus on saving here and there. Organizations are looking for a technology solution that helps them respond to changing conditions. Built by healthcare, for healthcare, ePay provides innovative ways to streamline and optimize the AP process across your entire trading partner network.

GHX Vendormate

In today’s changing healthcare landscape, it’s more important than ever to credential everyone who does business with your health system—even those who may not do work or visit on-site. Vendormate helps create a culture of compliance with our people, data, processes and technology that help improve safety and reduce business risk.

Customer Insights

“The smoothing capabilities have enabled us to cut out hours of manual work every week.” – Chuck Payne, Director of Disbursement, Children’s of Alabama


“As a growing organization, we can add new facilities to our existing infrastructure easily without increasing maintenance work.” – Jack Koczela, Director of Supply Chain Systems & Analytics, Froedtert Health


“We started this project with three guiding principles: simplicity, savings and compliance. GHX was critical in our succcess.” – Julie Amling, Director of Supply Chain, OSU Wexner Medical Center


“Lumere gives us the ability to approach physicians with credible information.” – Libby Brown, Regional Manager, HealthFuture


“Each time you don’t look at e-payment alternatives, it costs your organization money in the form of missed rebate opportunities.” – Health System Director of Business Standardization


“We’ve eliminated manual intervention and the risk for transactions dropping up and down the workstream.” – Amy Platis, Program Director of Finance, Accounts Payable, Northwestern Medicine


“The ePay solution is easy to implement. We see the benefit of rebates through our card program and not having to manually process those invoices.” – Karen Kresnik, Director of Supply Chain and Clinical Consulting, Nebraska Methodist Health System


“Our supply cost has declined, our performance has increased steadily. GHX is a piece of the supply chain puzzle that saves me time and money.” – Greenville Health


“You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. When it comes to vendor and credentialing and management, GHX can tell you best practices. Every time, they’ve been there to support me.” – Palmetto Health